Download Divi 2.4 WordPress Theme Latest Update

Elegant Themes released a massive update for the Divi Theme, their most popular theme, earlier today. Touted as the “The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History” even though the Divi Theme is still in it’s infancy, this latest upgrade comes included with over 1000 module design settings. Ability To Customize Individual Post Pages With Divi 2.4 … Continue reading Download Divi 2.4 WordPress Theme Latest Update

Selling WordPress Themes

Few months ago, Business Insider ran an article about a WordPress Theme developer from Pakistan and his US based partner who made a whopping 4 million dollar in sales just by developing and selling a single WordPress Theme. The Theme, Avada, is sold through Themeforest, an Australian WordPress Theme shop specializing in listing and selling … Continue reading Selling WordPress Themes

Customize Genesis Child Themes With Genesis Essentials


One of the better WordPress Frameworks available in the market today is undoubtedly the Genesis. Used by many top notch bloggers and marketers, the Genesis is an advance framework that is well coded to take advantage of all what the WordPress platform is capable of and at the same time clean enough to please Google when she comes a crawling.

However, the down side is, like all advance WordPress Frameworks, customizing the Genesis can be quite a pain of you are not code savvy enough. Even though Genesis does provide you with the basic necessities like changing the layout, what you can do in it’s original form is pretty limited.

The trade in for this short coming is of course to buy an additional Genesis child theme of your liking in the StudioPress marketplace.

But then, having done that, the child themes too are not easily customizable. Unless you are willing to spend hours pouring over the Forums and documentations, a simple task of simply changing the typography might be quite a task for many.

So, is there a solution for this dilemma?

How To Customize Your Genesis Child Theme

Yes. And you can do it without having to buy any of the pre-made Genesis Child Theme which you might want to customize later on. All you need to do is to download the sample child theme that comes free with your Genesis purchase.

Plus a new plugin called Genesis Essentials.

What Is Genesis Essentials

Genesis Essentials essentially is a stripped down version of the Genesis Extender Plugin. Just like the Extender, it is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to customize any Genesis Child Theme just by pointing and clicking.

Unlike the Extender which offers hundreds of customization options, Genesis Essentials lets you tweak the most common elements like the Homepage layout with a single click of the mouse. Not to be perceived as the basic options available in the Genesis by default, the layout options provided is nothing short of incredible.

Genesis Essentials also allows you to use unlimited number of Google Fonts with ease by simply copying and pasting the link codes for whatever fonts you fancy.

The most attractive part of Essentials is Custom CSS Builder. Built specially for non coders, this CSS Builder actually writes out the css codes automatically for any of the elements you want changed.

Basically speaking, with the Custom CSS Builder, you can practically change everything you want with your Genesis Child Theme without worries of breaking anything.

The Damage

Price wise, Genesis Essentials will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is the most affordable in the CobaltApps stable of products which includes the full fledged Genesis Extender Plugin and the highly rated Dynamik Website Builder which lets you create your very own Genesis Skins And Child Themes.

Developed for the casual Genesis users, Essentials will only set you back $29.00 if you maintain only one site.

For full pricing structure and terms, click link below.

Genesis Essentials

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Mastering The Divi 2 WordPress Theme


The Divi Theme is probably one of the most affordable WordPress Framework in the present market. Calculated on a per theme basis, the Divi Theme will cost you less than 80 cents. Reason being, there are presently 87 premium themes, inclusive of the Divi Theme in the Elegant Themes member’s download gallery and annual membership fees cost only $69.00. So do your maths.

However, don’t let the cheap pricing fool you. All the themes presented are of premium quality and with the Divi Theme as the star product, you really get your money’s worth.

In fact, just the Divi Theme alone is worth more than the annual membership fees and I have a strong feeling that Elegant Themes will someday in the very near future make the Divi Theme a standalone download with it’s own plan and pricing.

Divi Theme Is More Than A Premium WordPress Theme.

Though Elegant Themes tout the Divi Theme as “WordPress Theme” it is more than that. A more appropriate description would be “Site Builder” or “WordPress Theme Builder”. Use the Divi Theme with a huge dose of creativity and imagination and the sky is the limit for what you can achieve with the looks of your theme.

Introducing the Divi 2

The Divi 2 was released recently with some awesome features. If you have tested the Thesis 2 and found it too complicated to comprehend, then Divi 2 will be your perfect answer to your woes.

While Thesis 2 requires you to understand in depth the composition of a WordPress Theme and it’s element before you can do any customizations, Divi 2 has every thing sorted out for you and all you have to do is to add in your requirements.

Every element imaginable has been included in Divi 2. But then, at the end of the day, there are only so many things that you will want displaying in your Theme, so you will probably not be using some, if not most of the provided options.

Having said that though, the choices are there and that is good. You can keep updating your Theme to keep up with the latest vogue.

Mastering The Divi 2 WordPress Theme

To help out new users or those who are not that savvy to figure out on their own, Elegant Themes has posted a series of Video tutorials on YouTube.

For those who are in doubt and for those who are curious as to what Divi 2 is capable of, do check out the videos posted in Elegant Theme’s YouTube Channel.

You will be surprised at the flexibility and versatility of Divi 2 when it comes to WordPress Theme designing.

Downloading the Divi Theme

The Divi Theme is a free download available only for members of Elegant Themes. To join, simply click on the bolded link below.


Dynamik Website Builder – Unlimited Design Options For The Genesis Theme


One of the most prolific WordPress Theme developer I’ve ever come across thus far will certainly have to be Eric Hamn. He first developed the Frugal Theme, ported it over to be the Catalyst Theme which was then taken apart and re-coded to become a full fledged Child Theme specially for the Genesis Framework.

For the uninitiated, when the Frugal Theme and later the Catalyst Theme came into being, it came bundled with a child theme called the Dynamik Child Theme. The Dynamik Child Theme came with hundreds of customization options which lets users create their own unique looking Theme without having to write a single line of code.

The Catalyst Break-Up

Later on, the developers decided that it would be wiser to simply concentrate on developing the customization aspects of the Dynamik Child Theme and thus the Catalyst bundle was sort of ‘broken apart’. The Dynamik Child Theme became a stand-alone product while the Catalyst Framework was shelved for good.

In the process of this ‘break-up’, the developers decided to make all the hundreds and hundreds of customization options into a simple easy to install WordPress Child Theme. However, since this Child Theme is so powerful, it will need an equally powerful Framework to sustain all the available options.

The Birth Of Dynamik Website Builder And The Genesis Extender Plupin

The Genesis Framework was found to be a suitable choice and thus the child theme became known today as the Genesis Dynamik Website Builder. It would only work for those who are already using or plan to use the Genesis Framework which by now boasts of a user base to the tune of hundreds of thousands.

As the Dynamik Website Builder is a Genesis child theme, users of the Genesis can now easily customize their Theme to their preference rather than to buy another pre-made Genesis Child Theme which may not be as unique as one that has been made by themselves.

Having said that though, there are already many who had bought and are using these pre-made Genesis Child Themes. Those who are not so tech-savvy found it hard to customize these child themes as most of these pre-made themes do not come with any customization options to let users easily change things around.

With this in mind, the Genesis Extender Plugin was developed and just like the Dynamik Website Builder, it comes with hundreds of customization options. Now, those who are using any pre-made Genesis Child Themes can also easily customize their Themes without having to write any codes.

Forging Ahead With The Dynamik Website Builder 1.5

Since it’s inception, the Dynamik Website Builder has transformed into quite a customization beast. Eric Hamn has really poured in all his concentrated effort into developing this Child Theme and has no doubt succeeded in making it one of the best in the market.

There has been no let down of updates and fixes since it was launched and today we see another major update to version 1.5.

Dynamik Website Builder offers many new features that will be too tedious to state down in words, so here is a video presentation of what this new version can do by none other that the man himself, Eric Hamn.

Unlimted Use Of Google Fonts In The Dynamik Website Builder

Even during the days of the Catalyst Theme, there has been request by users concerning the availability of pre-coded Google Fonts in the Theme. Understandably, to include each and every Google Fonts when they are made available is not only not feasible but would also bloat up the Theme like no body’s business.

A wonderful solution was found to solve this problem and now users of the Dynamik Website Builder will have no problem whatsoever in choosing and using their preferred Google Fonts in their Theme’s design.

Again, Eric shows you how.