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When it comes to WordPress Themes, the choices are almost endless. From the hundreds, if not thousands of free WordPress Themes available for download, there are also quite a large number of Premium or Paid Themes that are also flooding the WordPress Themes market. Top all that with the number of WordPress Frameworks, WordPress users are certainly spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing the perfect theme for their WordPress Sites. > > Click To Continue…


Price Increment For Elegant Themes Membership


Elegant Themes has, by far, been one of the most affordable sites for those who are in the market for Premium WordPress Themes. As compared to other sites or WordPress Theme marketplace where it would normally cost around 50 to 60 bucks for one Theme, Elegant Themes offers their Themes for a mere 50 cents or less if you are in their membership roll. > > Click To Continue…


Divi – The Best WordPress Theme From Elegant Themes


By now I would imagine everyone who is using WordPress and have one time or another been scouting around for an appropriate Theme for their site would have came across Elegant Themes. For those who are in the dark, Elegant Themes is a WordPress Theme marketplace which I would say is the most affordable around and they give you your best value for money. > > Click To Continue…


Free Plugins For Migrating Your WordPress Blog To A New Domain

If you, like me, has waited and has all but given up hope that Big G will give your penalized blog a second or new lease of life. If you like me, has waited and all but given up hope that your penalized blog will return to it’s former glory as a search traffic magnet, then maybe it is time that, you, like me, wake up to your senses. > > Click To Continue…


Fast And Easy To Use Video Convertor

For movie buffs and aspiring movie producers who love making their own movies, producing, editing and then sharing those self made blockbusters can be quite a frustrating affair. Especially so for the editing and sharing part. Self made movies with our low end camcorders are always so bloated that uploading them to any social or video sharing sites would be quite a tedious affair. > > Click To Continue…