10 Free And Responsive WordPress Themes

The norm for WordPress bloggers today is something called Responsive WordPress Themes. Basically, a Responsive WordPress Theme is a Theme that will adapt itself dynamically to all screen resolutions without compromising on the quality of the contents. All your text and images will shrink and respond accordingly to the devices that they are viewed on.

Years ago, when Responsive WordPress Themes have not been developed yet, we depended on a separate and specially coded Theme that loads up when our blogs are viewed on mobile devices. Later on, plugins were developed to lesson the burden of coding a mobile theme. These mobile themes however, strips off much of the original design and thus contents does not appear as it should when viewed on a smartphone or a tablet.

The Arrival Of Responsive WordPress Themes

In the last couple of years, the usage of mobile devices for surfing the web has gained so much momentum that making a Theme responsive to these devices cannot be ignored anymore. In fact these days, Responsive Themes is not even an option. Either your Theme is a Responsive one or you suffer the consequences of losing a big segment of the web traffic.

Taking the cue, WordPress Theme developers have most, if not all taken the route of creating Responsive Themes. Almost every theme you see being released today sports the main keyword, “Responsive” as their selling point.

Theme marketplaces and membership sites like Elegant Themes are releasing new Responsive WordPress Themes have updated all their existing Themes to be Responsive.

Premium WordPress Theme developers like The Catalyst and StudioPress have wasted no time in upgrading their frameworks to take advantage of this latest craze.

Free Responsive WordPress Themes From WordPress Theme Directory

For those who do not fancy paying for WordPress Themes, the best and safest bet to download a Responsive WordPress Theme is of course the WordPress Theme Directory. All you have to do is search for themes using the keyword, “responsive” and the results will be bountiful.

WordPress Theme Directory Abused By Theme Marketers

However, the WordPress Theme Directory has, in my opinion, been overly abused by Theme marketers these days. The majority of the Free Themes offered these days are heavily stripped down versions of paid themes uploaded by the Theme developer hoping for a piece of the market.

It may be a new and smart marketing strategy by these Theme Marketers, but I feel it is somewhat unethical. The WordPress Theme Directory is suppose to be a place for the WordPress Community to give something back. After all, we are all using the platform for free. Using the Directory as a base to market their Themes just does not seem right to me. It was something that was non-existent a couple of years ago when I was using all those free themes.

Nevertheless, here are 10 Free And Responsive WordPress Themes which I dug up and found quite refreshing from the Theme Directory. Be reminded that some are stripped down versions of paid themes.

1. Responsive

Theme Homepage & Demo Link

2. Montezuma

3. Max Responsive Magazine

Theme Homepage & Demo Link

4. simpleX 2.0

Theme Homepage & Demo Link

5. Landscape WordPress Theme

6. Skirmish

7. WP StrapSlider Lite

Not Available Anymore

Paid Responsive WordPress Themes

If you are willing to pay, then the advise I can give is pay for the best you can get. You do not pay simply based on the claim that the Theme is responsive. When you pay, expect everything a Theme should be in it’s best form. Responsiveness is only a small, though important part of the bargain.

But then, since we are into the topic of Responsive WordPress Themes, I am going to play favoritism a little bit. If you are going to pay for a Theme that gives you the most versatility in responsiveness, pay for the Catalyst Theme.

The Catalyst Theme utilizes the latest and most popular codes to make it responsive. While some will use the grid system, Catalyst uses media queries. Both these systems allows the designer to make a Theme responsive and admittedly, I have no idea how these complicated codes are written. What I do know is media queries seemed to the the more accepted standard in creating Responsive WordPress Themes as demonstrated by this page

Different Looks For Different Resolutions

In the Catalyst Dynamik Theme Options there is an option page specially for users to design specific designs according to the resolutions that their theme appears in based on the resolution that your Theme is designed in.


Seems quite confusing, but it isn’t. For example if you have designed your header to be full width with a black background, you can use the options available to make your header to change colors according to the screen resolution it is viewed. The header can change to red color when viewed in an iPad and further change to blue color when shrunk further and viewed with an iPhone. Works with all mobile devices.

It is the only Theme that has this flexibility at your fingertips. If you are stuck on how to utilize these awesome options to create your own kickass Responsive WordPress Themes, the Support Forums and the Resources Page gives you all the knowledge you will ever need.

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