2 Free WordPress Child Theme Plugins

There are probably more than 2 Free WordPress Plugins for creating Child Themes, but since I have only tried these 2, I will not write about the others even if there are any.

Much have changed since I got myself hooked on dismantling WordPress Theme layouts and changing their looks upside down just for the heck of it. Back then, WordPress Child Themes was unheard of and I do all my poking and messing around in the original files. As I was a total noob with practically no knowledge of codes and site building, I lost count of the number of Themes I broke beyond repair.

Things are much easier now. We can create Child Themes on the fly and if we break anything, all we have to do is to re-activate the Parent Theme and everything will be good and dandy once again. It is made even easier with WordPress Plugins that create these Child Themes automatically for you. You do not even need to write a single line of codes or upload a single file to your server.

I have used these 2 Free WordPress Plugins for creating Child Themes and found them remarkably easy to use. Perfect for anyone who want to change the looks of their WordPress Theme without messing up their original Theme files.

1. The One Click Child Theme.

I have mentioned this plugin a few times in my previous posts. I use it extensively when modding Themes and I find no flaw with it.

Child Themes created with this plugin gives you the option to insert the Theme Name, Theme Description and Author’s Name all with a single click of the mouse. So with 3 clicks, you have a Child Theme created and activated. It even takes and uses the Themes Thumbnail image.

Downside of this plugin is if you want to create a Child for any particular Theme, you must have that Theme activated first. In short it can only create Child Themes for the active Theme.

Frankly however, I do not find this causes any inconvenience.

Check out the plugin and download directly from your Wp Admin Dashboard

2. Child Themify

Another Free WordPress Plugin for creating Child Themes is Child Themify.

This plugin has many pluses over the Once Click Child Theme depending on how you plan using it.

The most noticeable plus sign is the plugin is multisite compatible. The option to create Child Themes for any particular Theme is done in the Network administration area.

Another plus is you can create Child Themes for any Theme (that is not already a Child Theme) in your WordPress Admin Themes Page irrespective of whether the Theme is active of otherwise.

The small deficiency is the non existent options to insert a Theme description and the Author name, but then instead of the 3 clicks needed by the other plugin, all you need is 1 single click. Just fill in the Theme name, click and presto, your child theme is ready to go.

There is no Thumbnail Image for your new child theme though.

Check out this plugin and install from your WP Admin Dashboard.

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