A Turbo Charged Adsense Theme

Gary Conn released a theme that will blow away all other Adsense Themes. Titled as SEOAdMax (updated: Theme has been taken down) this theme is all about Adsense and nothing else and if it wasn’t for Adsense TOS allowing only 3 Ads per page, I think all available spaces will be occupied by Adsense. I really do not know if this kind of theme will be looked upon kindly by Adsense but one thing is for sure, either the user will scare all his visitors away or he will be getting lots of baited clicks.

SEOAdmax Theme

The moment you open the homepage, you will be greeted with a furor of Adsense Ads taking the entire top portion of the page. When you scroll down a little bit, what you will be stunned to see more Adsense Ads, thinking how come there could be so many Ads in a single page. It will take a few seconds to recover and realise that those sandwiched in between the real Adsense Ads are actually excerpts of posts in that blog. The font size, colors and layout are designed to match the Ads and have them blend in flawlessly.

Two things will happen if I was searching for information and landed in a blog with this theme. One, I will click my back button immediately thinking that I have landed on yet another useless MFA site. Two, if the first Ad I see offers something that I am looking for, I might click on that Ad. So it’s a two way sword.

Some cool features are included like including 7 different header image so users can choose one that suits their niche. The other one is the Privacy Policy page that Google love to see in these kind of blogs. It would have better still if Gary had included a Sitemap and a Terms and Conditions page.

Can’t say much for the looks as the sole purpose of this theme is to maximize your Adsense and I would not recommend using it in any other kind of blogs other than the secret ones that you have set up to make money from Adsense.

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