An Apology To Mr. Chris Pearson.

Dear Mr. Pearson.

If you have felt offended in any way about my copying the looks of your immensely popular Thesis Theme, I hear-by publicly and humbly apologise. I certainly hope you will not go to such extreme measures as to send your lawyers and your Internet hounds after a small fry like me as per your comment.

I have to clarify that my copying of the Theme is not done to hurt or effect the sales of the Thesis Theme which I love to death. It is only a marketing tactic to sell more of the Thesis Theme which I promote vigarously here.

It was my naive thought that if anyone uses this lookalike theme and discover the weakness and what they are missing, they will eventually buy the original. It is just like a guy buying a fake Rolex when they cannot afford a genuine one, but once he makes enough, he will definitely get the real thing as no one likes being a fake.

Apparently, my marketing strategy has not gone down well with you, Mr. Pearson and therefore, I again humbly apologise. I have taken down the theme as requested and you can rest assured that no such thing will ever happen again.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to come and state your stand on this issue here. I highly appreciate it. I’ll continue promoting the Thesis Theme here as I really still love the Thesis Theme.

Finally, thank you Mr. Pearson. I’m truly sorry if you have been offended in any way.

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