Applying SEO When Designing Your Web Sites

Everyone knows the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters spends thousands of dollars getting their web sites properly optimized so they can have an easier time getting their sites seen by Search robots. Even though many agree that off site SEO is an important criteria when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, it should be known that the very first step to good optimization starts from home and home is where your web site is. Thus, applying good SEO techniques when designing your web sites is of utmost importance.

Most amateurs like me who dabbles in Web Theme Designing, pays more attention to the looks of the site rather than the SEO aspects. This is mainly because looks are external and looks sells, but as the saying goes, looks are only skin deep, and what we see is not what we will be getting.

A good example of blandness that chokes with top notch SEO coding is the Thesis Theme in it’s default form. An newbie with no inklings of what SEO is all about will be wondering why this theme is selling so well. It is so well received by people with first hand knowledge of Search Engine Optimization that even Google’s Search Engineer, Matt Cutts uses the Thesis Theme. All this has to do with what we can’t see at the surface. It’s the way the Theme has been coded at the back end.

Applying good SEO practice when designing a web site is not any body’s plate of meat. Apart from knowing intensively on coding a web site so that it is industry compliant, the designer should also be adept and well versed on the latest and ever changing search algorithms. These knowledge then can be effectively applied when designing their sites. A good designer with these skills are very highly priced and much sought after indeed.

For a hobbyist like me and you, learning all those things will will totally mind boggling and it takes away all the fun. Even if we are to learn everything about SEO and applying it to our designs , the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment will not be so great as looking at a site that is eye pleasing. However, knowing and using some basic SEO techniques when doing our designs does no harm.

Justin, the SEO Expert From Nashville wrote a good piece of information where he reveals 9 SEO Tips for Attractive Search Engine Friendly Web Design that will be plenty useful for the layman designer. The 9 tips can be easily applied for those with intermediate knowledge of web site designing, though the learning curve is still there for total beginners.

The most desirable scenario is of course the ability to design a site that is attractive to the eyes and yet fully compliant with latest SEO techniques. At the end of the day, beauty is only to the eyes of the beholder. It is the substance that will see us through thick and thin. Like wise, if our end products are only attractive on the outside but is lacking on the inside, it will have no lasting power. So the next time I work on a Blog Theme or a Mini Site, whether purely for my own pleasure or for business, applying SEO will no longer be an option.

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