Are You Still Dreaming To Be Famous Blogger?


I stopped dreaming a long ago. Took me years, but I woke up, maybe I overslept a little, but I’m glad I eventually woke up to realize that I am never ever going to get famous through blogging.

When a person takes their first step into the blogoshpere, the first and foremost factor in their mind is fame, because it is something attainable if you have a blog. Not every one can be a film star. Not everyone can be a rock singer. Not everyone can be a tennis player or golf player. BUT, everyone CAN be a Blogger. It’s the fast and easy track to fame. Then fortune. Maybe. All they need is a blog. A simple little blog.

So they started to blog. Started to read lots of blogs. Started to (learn?) How To Blog Successfully. They believed and lapped up every bit of information churned out by the ever fertile minds of A list Bloggers who surprisingly are never short of “Good” and “Useful” blogging tips. After digesting all there is and more, they start to develop a false sense of “knowledge-hood”. Imagining themselves to be a master blogger now, they shanghai-ed themselves to the platform of a blogging guru, ditching out tips learned elsewhere, but by now is so entrenched in their minds that it has become their own, to other ignorant newcomers.

Fortunately or otherwise, not many is going to learn about their “tips” because their pathetic little blog has no more than 50 visitors each day. Nevertheless, they plough on, pinning to the fat hope that one day, just one day, someone, somewhere or something will come along and give them their big break and pinnacle them to blog stardom.. In the meantime, they are happy to be a guru in their own right. Telling people to do this and to do that to have a successful blog with their imaginary tips that they themselves have never tried out.

I downloaded yet another free report the other day. What else, but another eBook about Blogging and this time it is “How I Got 100,00 Subscribers In Two Years” by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits fame. This time, it not so much of wanting to find the magic bullet of becoming a famous blogger, (I woke up from that dream, remember?) but rather trying to find the magic bullet of how to get more subscribers to my eBook marketing site. The way I am running the site, getting subscribers is, I feel, better than having an opt-in form to collect email addresses, but i will not go into detail about this and go off course with this post.

So I read the report. All 16 pages of it. Word by word, from start to finish. I read how in the beginning, Zen Habits started with nothing. I read how in two years time, the site has garnered more than 100k subscribers. I read how he went around commenting in blogs to get his initial traffic. I read how he got his big break when the blog got a link from a A lister who had more than 75,000 subscribers.

Yes, I read everything and yes, it was a stale story that I have read umpteen times before. Rags to riches. Started with nothing, ended with millions. It’s a feel good read, inspiring even, if you seldom read stories like these. If I sum up this and everything I have read before, it all boils down to 2 things. You have to write great articles and you need that first big link if you want to be a famous blogger. Who on earth doesn’t know that already.

thirst quenching articles

Can you write great articles? Are you as well read as our friend here? Are you as well informed? Did you do in depth research before coming up with your supposedly “great” article? Can you convert what you have created in your mind into words which flows like a crystal clear stream that have that thirst quenching effect just by looking at it? Can you? canyoucanyoucanyoucanyou??? CAANNNN YOUUUUU????????????????

NO, YOU CAN’T. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. The average person just cannot write articles like these. No matter what the A-listers tell you. No matter how easy they make this skill out to be, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. The best you can do is to come up with an article that has no grammatical or spelling errors. It would have scored a perfect 10 if it is an English Essay test, but it will not be entertaining and intriguing enough to trigger a backlink from a A List blogger with 75,000 subscribers.

Furthermore, these top bloggers do not read blogs anymore. What more new blogs. You can link them, bait them, scold them, bad-mouth them or even hurl insults at them. Their immunity system is so well oiled that all these negativity have no more effect on them. Further furthermore, all top bloggers nowadays have multiple projects on their hands, leveraging on their popularity and their massive readership to make money from the fame that they are enjoying. Do you think they will even look at you? Even if in the rare case that do, do you think what you have written will justify a mention by them?

Wake up, my friends. We are never ever going to be famous bloggers. We just simply don’t have it in us. The earlier you wake up, the better it will be better for you. Be a blogger by all means, but stop dreaming of ever becoming a famous one.

And oh, did I find the magic bullet of getting 100,000 subscribers after reading the report? Naaah… interesting read as it might be, it is just another prelude to another something which will probably cost me my right arm. That’s what A listers do these days. They give you a free report, full of something about nothing and in the end, when your curiosity is aroused, gets you to part with something that you have hard earned. I’m over with these kind of soap opera. So sincere about helping out like what you have professed? Give it to me FREE then. LOL, how I wish. Gotta stop dreaming….

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