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It is common knowledge that the 2 most popular niche amongst blogs today is one, blog about making money online and two, blog about blogging. I fall into the second group and it is tough competing amongst the best in this topic and sometimes I wonder what the hell am I doing here, blogging about blogging, but the fact is, I happen to like blogging and the age old advise is to do something that you like so you will enjoy what you are doing even if it does not bring in any monetary gains.

The Advantages of A Blog About Blogging.

Blogging is an evergreen topic. This topic is so varied that almost anything can be related or made to be related to blogging if you are imaginative enough. There are blogs that writes “What your cat can teach you about blogging” or some who are more innovative writes ” Why is Blogging Like Making Love” There are even silly and outrageous post like “My Wife Is Like A Piece of Blog” I even tried my hands on one when I did a piece entitled, “Your Blog Is Like A Thanksgiving Turkey“, but it was not very well received. LOL.

The Disadvantage of Blogs about Blogging.

The only problem with blogs about blogging is the word “blogging.” Almost all blogs, all the 50 or 60 million of them, has sometime or other utilized this word. It is such a popular keyword that blogs starting off within this niche are mostly stillborns, dead before they can see the light of the day. Even if they are not stillborns, they will remain a midget. They age, but they never grow big, like a stunted bonsai.

However, having said that, there are also so many that somehow or rather manage to wriggle out of the black hole and make a name for themselves in this niche. If you observe carefully, these blogs, though writings on a topic that has been written a million times, possessed an aura that captivates, perhaps it’s their writing style and flair. Perhaps it’s their arrogance in expressing their views, but there is something that words cannot describe that acts like magnet making people just must come and read. It is, in my opinion, something that you are born with. You either have it or you don’t. I hope I have it. I don’t like to be a blog midget all my life.

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