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WordPress Themes marketplaces are slowly but surely getting over saturated. Competition among Theme developers can be described as crisp and those who do not innovate will be left behind. These competitions has created a reluctant but healthy situation for consumers, which in this case are webmasters who uses WordPress as their site building platform.

When years ago WordPress was singularly related only to blogging, it has now evolved into something so robust that it can now be used for almost any kind of website. In tandem, WordPress Theme designers and developers are also enjoying a boom of sorts.

How Many WordPress Sites Are There

Nobody knows exactly how many WordPress sites are there in this whole wide world, but figures displayed in stats showed a staggering 57,928,458 users at this time of writing. Bear in mind this figure is only referring to those who are hosting their sites with and do not include those who are self hosting their WordPress Sites.

Sites hosted in can be easily accounted for but tracking the number of self hosted sites running on the WordPress platform would, I think, be quite impossible.

Emergence Of WordPress Theme Marketplaces

Like all kinds of sites, WordPress sites relies heavily on how the site is designed and presented to the public. Professionally trained and talented WordPress Theme designers are a commodity that are well sought after by companies who has the money to spare.

On the other hand, the millions of other sites who runs on limited budget and the millions of blogs who are mostly one man shows will have to either take the time to learn how to design a site on their own or simply go buy a pre-made Theme that suits their niche or topic.

Since learning site designing is not a one day or one month affair, buying Themes which have been created by those who with the know-how is the best alternative for these millions of users.

To fulfill this demand, many WordPress Theme Marketplace began emerging in recent years.

Quality Of Themes From Theme Marketplaces

There are so many of these sites that I have gave up tracking. Some are fly-bys out to make a fast buck by selling their mass produced Themes dirt cheap and some are even more extreme, selling unlicensed downloads for a fraction of the original’s price. Most do not survive long tough.

Most of those who managed to hang on and make a reputation for themselves are those who are truly professionals who designs and sells cutting edges Themes. Some may just act as “broker sites” offering talented designers a base to showcase and sell their Themes, while some employs a team of full time designers to specially created their own Themes for sale.

Whichever method these Marketplaces utilizes, they nevertheless ensures quality in the Themes they sell.

Impressive Ones

There are a couple of WordPress Theme marketplace that I am impressed with and view with great respect for their professionalism and quality of the Themes they sell.

Sites like WooThemes and iThemes and a few others have grown out of simply selling WordPress Themes. They are now sort of a one stop center for your WordPress needs.

Another emerging WordPress Theme marketplace with good growth potential is Themefuse. At the moment, they are just creating WordPress Themes for the market and though their inventory is nothing if compared with the bigger players, the quality is no doubt very impressive.

Their pricing and licensing terms are also competitive offering Themes ranging from $49.00 to $99.00 with a choice of the usual Standard and Developers license.

Like WooThemes, Themefuse also offers Club Membership with a sign-up fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $17 per month. Being a member entitles you the Developer rights as well as all the future themes releases over the course of your club subscription.


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