Free Thesis Download – Beware!


This blog here gets so many queries on the term “Free Thesis Download” or “Download Thesis For Free” and many similar terms from bloggers not wanting to pay for the Theme. In all fairness, paying $87 for a Theme that you are allowed to use only in a single blog is a little bit on the high side, but as a Thesis user myself, I can safely say that after using it for sometime, you will discover that the money spent is well worth it. I have never come across a WordPress Theme that can give you so much leverage and control over the look and the overall layout. All which you can do by yourself without getting into too much trouble.

You might be wondering that since I like the Thesis so much, why am I not using it here. Yes, I did thought of that, but the blog which I am presently using the Theme is doing so well by itself that I do not want to change to another Theme so I can use it here. I am still hanging on to the Singles license, I can be naughty but I don’t see the need to. Furthermore, this blog showcases Theme modifications, so it would be more appropriate to have a totally unique Theme modded and created by myself.

There have been many comments which I have deleted and blacklisted calling me stupid for asking people to buy the Theme when it can be downloaded freely in many places. Really, I do realize that the Thesis Theme can be downloaded illegally in many warez sites or sites offering free torrents. I will not be telling you where. but if you do find those free downloads yourself, ask yourself this question before jumping for joy.

“Why are they giving away the Thesis Theme for free?”

I always believed in the fact that there are no free lunches and dinners in this world. Whenever someone you hardly know wants to take you out for lunch, there will be always some hidden agenda behind that meal. Likewise, when people offer you something for free, like the Thesis Theme because they know millions are looking for it, you better think twice before downloading and using it.

Just to kill my curiosity and confirm my suspicions, I downloaded a copy if the Thesis 1.5.1 from one of the warez sites. In every “free” download, the first place you have to check is the footer php file. The original footer php of the Thesis Theme has just one visible line of codes.

The illegal copy looks like this, a whole page of mumbo jumbo encrypted malicious codes that links to god knows where.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I do not know, but it is also highly probable that if you remove those codes, the Theme will not work as it should.

Did some further digging, and I found more extra files inside. There’s an extra logo file in the main folder. The css folder inside the lib folder contains an extra text file. Inside the script folder, there is another similar text file. Another one is also embeded inside the rotator folder. So in all there are 4 extra files which you should not have if you bought the original. I doubt these text files will do much harm if left alone, but still, it should not be there at all.

The malicious codes in the footer file does the biggest damage to your blog. It might be linking to some illegal sites like those peddling porn or whatever and before you know it, you will get penalized by Google for selling illegal links. So don’t be surprise if you see your Page Rank getting blanked out and all your keywords getting de-indexed after using the Theme.

My advise is, why put yourself at risk over $87 bucks. If you do not have the money now, you can always save up and get the original at a later date. The Thesis Theme will be here for a long time to come so there is actually no hurry.

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In most cases, I think it’s not the money. Maybe it’s that “feel good” feeling over the ability to get something for free when others have to pay for it. Maybe it’s the feeling of self satisfaction knowing that you have the “power” to use something that you are not suppose to use and nothing can be done to stop you. Well then, if that’s the way you feel and that’s the way you choose to live your life, please go ahead. Go and download those Free Thesis Themes.


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