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When you take your first look at the Gleam Theme, your eye’s reflexes immediately springs into action. Your pupils will brighten up and your vision will be instantly captivated. You will spend a good minute or more to ogle and stare, wondering if you should click you mouse, worrying that if you do, the page will disappear and you will not be able to get it back. That is how captivating the Gleam Theme is. It is a Theme that soothingly levitates your mind to paradise. The Gleam Theme dazzles you.

A WordPress Theme Like No Other

For one who makes it his business to peek into every WordPress Theme that he comes across, I must say the Gleam Theme is a Theme like no others I have seen. It takes WordPress Theme designing to a totally different level that other designers have yet to brave themselves into.

If you are blogger looking to stand out of the crowd, then this Theme is a must have. You will have your visitors salivating for more and the more they explore, the more amazed they will be.

Not A Theme For Anyone

However despite all being said about the beauty of it, the Gleam Theme is not a theme for anyone. To reap the most benefit from the design, the user too must have the same artistic taste and creative talent of the designer.

The beauty of this Theme and the dazzling mood it stimulates when viewed rest entirely on the high resolution and full width images that it displays as the theme’s background. Without that, it will be just another Theme with lots if ajax power. In fact, it will look quite un-presentable without those amazingly beautiful background images.

Who Should Use The Gleam Theme

The Gleam Theme is most suited for Photography Bloggers or Photographers who needs a portfolio online. The included portfolio page does a wonderful job of displaying their works which is displayed as the background images. Clicking on the Portfolio page will close all windows except for the background which you can now view in full glory.

Other than photography, if you are into Fashion, Movie Reviews, Real Estates or whatever niche that needs high resolution pictures to bring home a point, the Gleam Theme will be a good theme to play around.

Undoubtedly, it will also make a good theme for a lot of corporate businesses. Imagine having delicious images fried chickens as the background should KFC decides to use the Theme for their corporate site.

Free Download The Gleam Theme

Like usual if you have membership to Elegant Themes, you can download the the Gleam Theme for free with immediate effect or whenever you like as long as your membership is active.

Elegant Themes membership is open to anyone and everyone who wants high quality premium WordPress Themes that works out of the box. At present there 75 themes available for members to download with more added as they are created.

To review and download the Gleam Theme, simply join any one the Elegant Themes Membership Packages

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