How Big Should Your Twitter Icon Be

Sometimes, I get asked. How Big Should The Twitter Icon Be? And I am bewildered. But then, thinking back, I think this is a legitimate question. When one is new to all this, things like this that appears trivial to us now, can cause many sleepless hours. For us, well, a Twitter icon is a Twitter icon. Size does not matter. For newbies, they worry an oversize or undersized icon might bring them problems, whatever they may be or think might be.

So, for those who has been losing sleep over this twitter icon size issue let me give you a straight answer so you may forever keep your peace.

How Big A Size Should Your Twitter Icon Be

A Twitter icon is a twitter icon. Big or small, the only purpose for such an icon is for the convenience of people, who for some reason, wants to follow you or read your tweets.

Many years ago, when twitter has not been invented yet, we were all for the RSS Icon. The favorite tip for increasing your RSS Feed Subscribers back then was, “Insert a BIG RSS Icon at the top of your sidebar” It seems that by having a gigantic RSS Icon at the most visible area in your blog will increase your Subscribers significantly. Many so-called blog gurus swears by it, but I never tried it myself and maybe that was the reason my number of subscribers never seems to go up.

These days, RSS Subscribers has taken a second place. Twitter followers is the top priority for many Bloggers now. A Twitter Icon in your blog is a must have. But how big? Well, you can make a teeny weeny one like this

Small Twitter Icon

It will lead anyone who clicks on it to your twitter Page. OR you can have something more visible like this:

Medium Size Twitter Icon

It will also lead to your twitter page when clicked. OR You can even have one like this!


And it WILL ALSO lead anyone clicking on it to your Twitter Page.

It is really up to you and your personal preferences. Size really doesn’t matter. They all give you the same result.

Unless you believe that the bigger your Twitter Icon is, the more followers you will get. Who knows. There might be some truth in it. Why not try inserting a humongous Twitter Icon in your sidebar for a couple of months and see the results for yourself.

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