How To Change Your WordPress Theme Color Scheme

Apart from the fonts, another area where many WordPress Theme users would like to customize is the Theme’s Color Scheme. Most well designed Themes would follow a set of unwritten rules when it comes to the Color Scheme of their design. Appropriately, the colors should be eye pleasing, well blended and not contradict or clash with each other. There are many sites, especially from Theme Designers, sharing excellent WordPress Theme Color Scheme.

Changing WordPress Theme Color Scheme Manually

If you are adept in CSS, changing the colors of each element in your WordPress Theme is nothing too demanding. However, it can be quite time consuming if you decide to change every thing to suit your ‘colorful’ fancy. That, of course is not advisable.

Having too many colors in your Theme will not only make it looks like Disneyland, it can also be quite repulsive to your readers. The rule of thumb is to keep the colors to about 3 or maximum, four colors.

To change colors manually, you will have to locate the CSS selectors for that particular element that you intend to change. For example, if you want to change color for your Header Background, then you will have to look in your Stylesheet for the Header id selector, then edit the background color.


#header {background-color: #000}

or something similar. Changing the hex code would effectively change the color.

Imagine the process you have to go through of you intend to change a whole lot of others.

Changing WordPress Color Scheme Automatically

If you have the Catalyst Theme, the work will be greatly reduced as all the colors used are editable in the Options Page and all you have to do is to pick a color you like then save the changes.

However if you do not have the Catalyst Theme but would still like to have the easy way out, then there are some Free WordPress Plugins which will do the job quite easily for you. Here are some which are available for free in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

All plugins listed below can be installed directly from your WordPress Admin – Plugins – Add New page

1. Color Scheme Every Theme

This plugin lets you change the entire color scheme of the current theme via the theme customizer.


Color Manager

This plugin adds an option page where you can add color options and the plugin hooks this elements to the Customizer where your client or theme users can customize the design.


Theme Tweaker

Theme Tweaker displays the existing colors from your current theme, and gives you a color picker to replace them. It also lets you change them in bulk, like invert all colors, use grey scale etc.


As in using all kinds of plugins, sometimes conflicts do occur. So, if after activating any plugins and you find something not quite right, be happy to deactivate the plugin. Do not curse the creator of the plugin. The fault might actually be on your side.

Enjoy your new WordPress Color Scheme. (If the plugins works for you, i.e)

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