How To Create Full Width Header Background With Catalyst Theme

The header of the your WordPress Theme is what makes your Theme unique. No matter how popular the Theme might be and how many people are using the Theme, the moment you change the Header, the Theme will get a look that is unique and different. Thus it is important that you know how to create a header background with an image that comprehends the topic of your site or blog. The Catalyst Theme lets you create a header background very easily without having to write a single line of codes.

Creating The Background Image That You Want to Use For Your Catalyst Header

The only problem you might have is creating the background images. Not many will be able to create a suitable image. However, there are tons of free header images that you can use if you do a search for it and I am sure you can find one that will look good enough.

You then have to re-size the width of the image to be the same as your site’s layout width. If you are creating a new theme you can have the image width set to your preference, then adjust the width of your Theme to accommodate the image. The Catalyst Theme lets you adjust your layout’s width easily.

However, it is always best to have the image re-sized to the layout rather than the other way round.

Creating The Full Width Header Background With The Catalyst Theme

After the initial problem of getting or creating the right background image for your header, the rest of the process of creating the header background is all point and click in the Catalyst Options pages. There are no need for any codes as all the positioning and alignments are all automated. The most typing you need to do is changing the values of the various paddings.

Check out the short video I did on creating a full width header background image using the Catalyst Theme.

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