How To Easily Customize Your Genesis Child Theme

One of the most popular WordPress Framework in the market today is, without a doubt, the Genesis Framework by Studiopress. Tens of thousands of sites are using it and that includes many big names and blog celebrities. These super stars of the Net by using and openly endorsing the Theme provides more than enough publicity to take the Genesis to a level that leave competitors chasing the dust.

The latest and I think one of the biggest catch for StudioPress is the addition of MSNBC to their growing list of super users.

Getting A Unique Layout

When Genesis launched, I wrote a brief post on the problems that Genesis users faced if they are not code savvy. Most do not have the resources and know how to make their Genesis Theme as unique as those they saw in those super users sites.

If you check out the StudioPress Showcase, you will see that most big names have their sites custom made for them and for those who are using the premade child themes, almost all are heavily customized to give them their own character befitting their niche.

If you have the moolah, StudioPress has a team of developers at your disposal. If you don’t then you have to either do it yourself or simply use the Child Theme that you have bundled with the Genesis Framework out of the box.

Problem with that is, since Genesis Themes are so popular, thousands of others will also be using the same Theme as you. That does not augur well for you and your ego.

Can You Customize Genesis Child Themes On Your Own?

Like said, you can only if you have the know how. For those who do not, the learning curve will be severe and most will probably screw up the whole layout if they attempt to do so.

In times like these, you will wish there is an easier way which will let you do all the customization you want without messing with any of the core files. StudioPress themselves have released a few free plugins that lets you do some specific modifications to their Child Themes but those are pretty limited.

A Plugin To Fully Customize Any Genesis Child Themes

As customization seems to be the biggest obstacle for Genesis Child Theme users, it is only a matter of time before someone decides to do something to help overcome that problem.

I am grateful to know that ‘that someone’ is someone I know and trust.

Eric Hamn of the Catalyst Framework fame is taken upon himself to develop a plugin that will let all Genesis Child Theme users to fully customize their Themes without having to learn any sophisticated codes.

The Genesis Extender Plugin

I got to know Eric, though only virtually and not in person way back when he was developing the Frugal Theme which eventually became the Catalyst Framework that you see me using today. It was an investment that I never regretted as the Catalyst keeps getting better and better with each upgrade.

Some months ago, Eric released his first Genesis Dynamik Child Theme Site Builder. This Child Theme provides the same level of customization that we, the Catalyst users are enjoying with our version of the Dynamik Child Theme that comes bundled with the Catalyst Framework.

That release however are for those who are not keen to use any of the pre-made Genesis Child Themes in the StudioPress stable but would rather create one on their own.

The Genesis Extender Plugin is a totally different creature. It is meant for those who are already using one of the many Genesis Child Themes but would like to change things around to make them uniquely their own. Like those you see in the StudioPress Showcase.

What The Genesis Extender Plugin Does

This plugin is a nifty Theme customization tool that works will ALL Genesis Child Themes. If you are using the Genesis Framework with one of their premade child themes this plugin will allow you to customize the Theme with ease. The plugin lets do a slew of changes which includes:

  1. Unlimited Custom Conditionals, Widget Areas & Hook Boxes
  2. Front-End Custom CSS Builder
  3. Built-in Image Uploader
  4. Custom Functions
  5. EZ Static Homepage Features
  6. Custom Thumbnails

As well as a few other useful tools, including comprehensive Import/Export functionality to tie it all together!

The video below explains a little bit of what the plugin can do.

For a more detailed write-up, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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