How To Replace Your WordPress Admin Username Easily

Few months ago, I wrote a post on why you should change your WordPress Admin Username. In that article I also talked about how you can change the word ‘admin’ to a more secure word to protect your WordPress Blog from hackers.

Last week, I had another wave of hack attacks on 3 of my blogs. The attack was very consistent with attempted logins using the ‘admin’ username all within minutes apart using different IP addresses. All I can assume is they are using a automated script that can keep changing IP address after each failed attempt and lock out.

Fortunately, I had already changed all my usernames to something else and also configured my Last Login Attempt plugin to block any IP address after 2 failed attempts.

Easy Way To Replace Your WordPress Admin Username

Coming back to my previous post, I must admit that it is sort of technical and many might not want to mess with your server files if they can avoid it.

There is a workaround which I should have also mentioned in the first place but somehow did not occur to me when I wrote that post. It is a method which does not involve messing with your phpMyAdmin file and can be done by anyone using the WordPress platform.

Caught a Facebook posting today by Dave Huckabay, a fellow Catalyst Theme user and author of the eCommerce Guide, Grabapple.

The post was about a new YouTube Channel started by Ben Pyman, another fellow Catalyst User and designer extraordinaire of Catalyst Child Themes. In his first video post from his sparkling new YouTube Channel, WPDailyFix, he tackled the issue of replacing your WordPress Username the fast and easy way.

Watch and follow along for your WordPress blog’s own good and safety.

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