How To Stop Spam Comments

One of the most annoying thing that all bloggers have to face is comment spams. For whatever reasons, the pure essence of commenting in blogs for the sake of reader to blogger engagement has been badly abused. What used to be a perfect platform for interactions between the blogger and their readers have become so bad that bloggers have to resort to drastic measures to rid themselves from the annoyances of spams. Some goes to the extent of disabling their comments altogether because comment spams have simply become intolerable.

Why Spam Comments

Maybe it is due to all those ‘advise’ from SEO gurus that making comments in blogs will bring them more traffic because they said links from their comments will boost their SERPs rankings. Frankly, I do not know if links in comments are still still worth anything, what with all the changes Google has done to their algorithms.

Another obvious reason is of course to hard-sell their products. As to what is referred to as Comment Marketing, these marketers well know that there is high possibility that their comments will be marked as spam, but that is the least of their worries.

Their main motive is to get YOUR attention and your attention is gotten because the first thing most bloggers do after logging in is to peruse through their spam folder to fish out legitimate comments that have been accidentally sent there by Akismet.

Since it is only you that they are targeting, in order for comment marketing to be effective, there must be big volumes. Just like email marketing where they send out thousands of individual emails to sell their products, they similarly will have to make thousands of comments in order to get some sales or get some new leads. It is their expectation that from the thousands of spams they dished out to thousands of blogs, a couple of hundred will click on the links in their spammed comments and from that couple of hundreds they might make 10 or twenty sales.

Naturally then, they will have to automate the process of making comments. Doing it manually will be quite impossible.

Using Automated Comment Scripts

Considered black hat, these scripts can scrape blogs from all over the Net with keywords entered by the users to target their spam receivers. They then can choose some very generic pre-written comments and have the script bots run through the list of scrapped blogs, inserting random comments automatically while the spammer sit back to enjoy his “fruits of labor”.

The only task is maybe to get up occasionally to fill in some captchas for those blogs that requires them. These automated bots are powerful and never gets tired so you can imagine the amount of spams they can churn out a day.

How To Stop Receiving Spam Comments

Fortunately, WordPress is such an awesome platform with such an awesome community that there will be awesome people who will write awesome counter scripts to fight these Spam Bots.

Here are 4 free WordPress Plugins that you can use to stop these bots in their track. There are of course plenty more if you do a search in the WordPress Plugin Directory but I find these 4 the easiest to use. All you have to do is to install and activate them from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. There are no other settings to worry about.

1. Stop Media Comment Spamming (Stops Spam Comments To Media Attachments Only)

Stop Media Comment Spamming removes the ability for visitors to comment on media attachments. It does not remove commenting from any other part of your WordPress installation.


3. Spam Destroyer

Stops automated spam while remaining as unobtrusive as possible to regular commenters. The Spam Destroyer plugin is intended to be effortless to use, simply install and enjoy a spam free website :)


4. BotBlocker

the goal of BotBlocker is to block comment spam bots and not hinder users. This is accomplished through the use of honeypot technology, which tricks the spambot into identifying itself by performing actions that a human could not.


For my blog here, I am using BotBlocker and it has really brought spammers to a complete halt. Though this blog do not attract much real comments. I do receive my fair share of spammed comments daily. There was a period when I disabled all comments which effectively took care of the problem. However, when I decided to bring back the comments section, the spams were back within a day.

As of now, I am clear. Here’s to your successful battle against Spam Comments.

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