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The big hoo-haa over the weekend was the release of Genesis 2 that comes with modern HTML5 markings. In tandem with the Genesis 2 update, Dynamik Website Builder, the Genesis Child Theme that lets you customize the Genesis, also upgraded their version to make it compatible with Genesis 2 so as to take advantage of the new markups.

What Is HTML5

Nearly 10 years in development and no one can say it has been completely finalized yet, HTML5 brings a hosts of new and more powerful capabilities to the way web sites are made. There are new elements and attributes that web developers can use to add more features to the site they are designing.

HTML5 also supports the more powerful CSS3, Audio and Video, 2D and 3D graphics and many more. These new capabilities enables a web designer to add new elements to their sites without the need to use third party plugins or add-ons.

For example, if your Blog Theme supports HTML5, you can add in Video and Audio in your blog with the audio tag or video tag. You can also highlight part of your text with the new mark tag. Like So.

With this simple markup

<mark>Like So</mark>

HTML5 is being well received by all major browsers. Even IE seems to like this new structure with their latest Internet Explorer 10.

Check out this HTML5 reference list for more details of the new markups available in this new markup language.

Genesis 2 New HTML5 Compliant Code Structure

With Studiopress being the present market leader in developing WordPress Frameworks, it would be hard to imagine them not making their flag bearer framework, Genesis a HTML5 compliant framework.

Having being in the works for quite sometime, the latest version release, Genesis 2, primary does that. The core HTML structure of Genesis 2 has been completely re-written from the previous version to take advantage of the new HTML5 mark-ups.

One of the most powerful feature in Genesis 2 must be the incoporation of support for into the Theme. For site owners who can’t get enough of SEO, this will be a big boost to their ego as word has been going around amongst SEO entusiasts that Google “Will using improve site’s performance in search rankings”

Whether this is a fact or a myth remains to be proven, but no matter what, it certainly will not bring harm your site. So what the hell. Whatever that hold some tiny hope of increasing your site’s traffic should not be easily forgone.

You can download the latest HTML5 Compliant Genesis 2 Here.

Dynamik Website Builder Compatible With Genesis 2

With the advancement of Genesis 2, it is inevitable that Dynamik Website Builder, a site builder theme for Genesis owners, follows suit in offering an update to make the theme compatible with Genesis 2. Along with this update, all themes that have been created with Dynamik Website Builder will also naturally be HTML5 compliant.

However, for those who are not so comfortable yet with this new markup language, The Dynamik Website Builder has included an option in the General Settings Page for users to activate or deactivate the Genesis HTML5 Markup.

Due to the various changes in the latest HTML5 markups there will be some “breakage” in your Themes design if you have used plenty of Custom CSS to customize your theme. Many of the CSS elements have been changed in Genesis 2 so after you activate the HTML5 feature, the old divs and classes will not work anymore and your site will look a bit weird.

The good news is CobaltApps have set up a page where you can have your old XHTML codes converted easily to the new HTML5 codes

Take note that this convertor is only for customizations that you have done for the Genesis Theme stylings and not for anything else. Simply copy all the CSS codes you have used, paste it in the text box provided in the page, Select the old codes, then click Convert CSS. All the old divs or classes you have used and all the old values attributed to them will be automatically converted to comply with the new HTML5 codes.

If on the first instance you do not see any changes and your site still looks weird, clearing your cache or doing a few reloads should bring it back to normal.

The new Genesis 2 compatible Dynamik Website Builder is available for download here.

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