Insert the Feedburner FeedFlare in Your Blog

My first order of the day before writing anything would be to give Melissa of a big hug for stumbling one of my post. Thanks, Melissa. I needed that boost after a week of dead traffic.

Getting stumbled is always an exciting thing. You will sort of shout “OH Boy!” when you see a sudden surge in traffic when you check your stats. Then you will want to check where those extra hits came from. All kinds of expectations races through your mind when you click your stats counter. Did I get mentioned somewhere? Did some problogger link me? Someone dugg me? Stumbled me? It’s so exciting. It’s like opening your first birthday present.

Since getting stumbled is so exciting, I would like to advise everyone who has a blog to encourage your readers to Stumble you. I would like to encourage Stumbling more than Digging Getting stumbled brings immediate traffic, at least 200 extra hits at the minimum for a single stumble, whereas if you get Dugg once or twice for a certain post, your post will never make it to the front page, so it’s better than not getting Dugg at all.

There are few ways to advertise Stumblings. You can get the StumbleUpon widget from their site after you register and I think there are also third party developed widgets which you will have to google for yourself, but I use the fast, easy and effective FeedFlare text links from FeedBurner.

Getting the Flare.

After you have burned your feed, go to “My Feeds”. and click on your the blog that you have just created. Go to Optimise- Feedflare. Choose the services that you want included. Get the HTML codes at the bottom by right clicking-select all-copy. Save this service.

Go to your Admin Panel – Dashboard- Presentation – Theme Editor- Main Index php.

Scroll until you see the < --read more of this--> or something similar. Immedaitely after that line, paste the codes you have just copied. Update the file.

If you want it appearing in the Single page, follow the same procedure with the Single php file.

Of course you can add some fancy wordings on the top to encourage people to use any one or all of the services that you have chosen in you FeedFlare. That’s up to your own creativity. You can beg like me, you can ask politely, you can threaten, you can cajole, Some even go as far as saying, “if you stumble me, I will link you.”

Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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