Inspirations For A New WordPress Theme Design


I do not know what made me do it, but at the spur of the moment, I decided to revive a dorman WordPress Blog that I had left idling for nearly a year or two. The domain is registered using my name as I am always of the opinion that everyone who is online should at least have one domain registered under their personal name. The domain will be their or in this case, my legacy, even though I know I won’t be leaving much of one.

Since it was all done on impulse, I simply dished out a temporary single column layout within half an hour using the Catalyst Theme and started putting in the contents with the impression that it will take at least 3 months before I will be getting any serious traffic. This should give me ample time to find inspiration for a new Theme design.

However after doing the usual social stuffs like adding the feeds to Facebook, Twitter and G-plus, traffic actually started trickling in. Much credit and lots if appreciation goes to RT of Untwisted Vortex, the retired American and internet geek living in the Philippines. He was so good to do a write-up for my new site without being asked and he G-plused most of my articles.

So with friends like RT around, on top of others who are in the Facebook groups I’m in, the blog started to get off it’s feet earlier than I had expected. This sort of hastened my need for a new Theme layout and I started scouring for ideas and inspiration from the Net.

Almost All WordPress Themes Has The Same Feel

I was not exactly surprised at all with the WordPress Themes I saw and it makes me wonder where all the originality has gone. Almost all or at least 85 to 90% the newer WordPress Themes has the similar feel and layout. The most common being a big slider on the top fold of the Homepage with boxed images or contents lined up horizontally below the slider.

This look has become so common that it is almost become repulsing to look at.

Another feature that seems to have become a norm these days with WordPress Themes is to have the homepage and the blog page segregated. It is something I am not such a big fan of even though I am experimenting it with my new blog setup, you can rest assured I will not be using this format when the new theme is ready.

No Inspirations And What You Should Do

After my whirlwind tour of the Net visiting almost every site that designs and sells WordPress Theme, I am quite disappointed to announce that I failed to get any new inspirations for my intended Theme design. So in dilemma like this, what should you do?

Start With The Header Design.

The header design or the logo is what makes of breaks the Theme design. Get the header or your logo right and the rest is will be easy to blend in.

When referring to the header it will also mean your navigation bars. They are also part of the header. Placing your navigation bars appropriately also does a lot to the overall feel of the theme design. Some will even forgo displaying the navigation bars if it does not compliment well with their header or logo design.

Use Trial And Error

Since I will be doing the design myself and I am no trained designer, I will be doing it on a trial and error basis. There will be no fixed design done by professionals for me to base my layout upon.

The good thing is, I have a Theme that lets me change everything I do not like with the click of the mouse. So this trial and error method may actually be lots of fun. I can experiment with tons of ideas.

Use The Catalyst Theme

I have used many Free WordPress Themes and modded many of these for my own use. I have also used Paid Premium Themes like the Thesis, Genesis and Headway and have also modded them for my own pleasure. All these takes a back seat when I work with the Catalyst Theme.

I may sound a little bit cocky and trying to hard-sell but no other WordPress Theme Frameworks comes even close to the Catalyst when you want to create a new layout for yourself. And that is the honest truth. Something you will not believe until you have tried it to create a new WordPress Design.

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