Is it good to reveal your income in your blog?

Bloggers revealing their income is a very common practise especially among those who have already made a little something for themselves. I think I can safely say that almost all those who chose to show the world how much they made from their blogs are bloggers who blogs about Making Money. Revealing how much one makes is a two way sword. It could either propel your blog to a higher level or it could hurt your blog.

Only successful bloggers should reveal their income

John Chow, despite all his misgivings and evilness, makes more than 10k every month and he makes it a point to tell his readers with a monthly post on his current month’s earning. Problogger, occasionally reveals his earnings though not as consistent as John Chow. Yara Starak shouts out that he makes more than 6k each month and so do many others. One thing they all have in common is they blog about making money from blogging. Their earnings that they reveal are made from the very blog that we are reading each day. They all have the same reason for the revelation. It helps to increase their blog traffic.

Man are very nimble and curious creatures. When they know someone is making so much, they want to know their Money Making secrets. So they head over to their blogs everyday, hoping the blogger will reveal some tips on how they made so much, and being the shrewd money making gurus that these bloggers are, they lay out a long bait, feeding his readers with some sweetener every alternate days. They will tell their readers which and and which affiliates makes money, and offering his links for them to sign up and because of the reputation that these bloggers have built up, their readers lap up what is being written. They sign up and in the process added another feather to that blogger’s cap, making them even richer. So the rich becomes richer. It’s a fair game. We want to know what made them rich. They told us the things that made them rich, so we follow hoping to get as rich.

Do Not reveal if you are making chicken feed

So many of those readers who read about their mentor’s strategy went and sign up with lots of money making programs introduced by those great bloggers. They also started blogs that are titled with the words “blog for money” or whatever in it. They become money making gurus themselves with post that are quite similar with their mentors everyday. After a few months, they indeed see 3 dollars in their PayPal account. They jump for joy. They have made it! The ideas propagated by their mentors does work and does make money. They imagine that they will be as successful real soon, and they too want to reveal their income. So they made a terrific post with graphics of their 3 dollar payment and all and tell everyone that they is making money from their blog.

However they did not realise the difference in this revelation. Their mentors, the successful blogger does every post with a reason behind it. When he blogs about his earnings, he is not just doing it solely to boast. He knows that by revealing his huge income, people will get attracted and will come in droves to read his money making secrets. Our amateur blogger who made the 3 dollars and started to brag about it have the tables turned the other side. Who the hell wants to read about ideas that makes a paltry 3 dollars. So his readers slowly deserted him one by one. His ideas are nothing new, for they can be read right from the horse’s mouth. Eventually, the blog becomes non existent, joining the other many thousands in the blog graveyard.

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