Report On Making Money Online Again?

I have always emphasized that if you want to teach others something, make sure you are the master first. If we let the blind lead the blind, both of them are going to fall straight into the drain.

We have upstarts teaching people to blog when they have only blogged for less than a month. We have smart alecks teaching people to get more traffic when their feed counts stands at less than 10. Finally we have self proclaimed gurus teaching a whole lot of recycled making money online ideas when they themselves have made less than 50 bucks online. It gives me the creeps as to how these people can so brave to delve themselves into teaching others what they themselves have fared miserably in. Maybe they take us all for fools and all the reason why I am always skeptical towards blogs or e-books of this genre when I see that they are from some virtual unknown. However, this one is definitely different.

Though I had an initial apprehension as to whether it is going to be another round the mill money making report done to benefit the author’s pocket, I downloaded Copyblogger’s Free Report on Teaching Sells, primarily because it is from Brian Gardner and not from some virtual unknown. Just the author’s name have given this report a credibility of 90%.

The report did not disappoint. Brian puts forth this anecdote where the American has to spend 1.5 million to develop a pen which would work in space, because the ink from the pen just simply would not flow out under zero gravity. On the other hand, the Russians, either they don’t have the technology or the sophistication, used a pencil instead. Though this is an exaggeration, the point that Brian is trying to bring home is:

we are spending to much time and effort to creating elaborate solutions to problems when simple solutions are under our nose.

And that is the gist of this report. You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to make money online. The most beautiful revelation is you don’t have to at the mercy of the Mighty G. to be able to make your bucks.

I am not going to spoil your reading pleasure here by revealing too much, but towards the end, of the 19 chapter report, you get the usual sales pitch. Brain won’t be giving you those secrets for free, but true to his reputation as a copywriter, it is not the usual pushy sales pitch that promises you the heaven should you sign up. On the contrary, it is such a well written pitch from beginning to end that, even though I tried to muster all my skepticism when reading the report, I got sold on this one. I think I will have to save up some of my PayPal funds.

Download The Free Report – Teaching Sells.
You won’t regret reading it.

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