The Thesis-Like Theme

If you follow this blog regularly, you will know I am obsessed with the Thesis Theme. LOL. I do not understand it myself but there is something in that theme that attracts me. Maybe it is due to it’s uncluttered layout and the clean typography couple with it’s unmatched SEO codings. This obsession is the reason which lead me to come up with this Thesis-Like Theme.

This theme has all the looks of the original Thesis Theme in it’s 2 column form. From the navigation bar at the top to the so-called media box in the sidebar. Of course, the media box is nothing close to the original, as it is just a box I created by adding a php file and some css codes. However, it has almost the same functions as you can add images, use it as a “About me” column or insert whatever Ads you want.

I have also included some extra “classes” so you can have different color backgrounds for certain part of your post which you want to highlight. Like what you see below:

Disclaimer: This is not the real Thesis Theme. It only looks like the Thesis. As always, I advise all my readers to get the real Thesis Theme if they can afford it.

A feature which I am proud of is the Threaded Comments. Yes, threaded comments is enabled in this Thesis-Like Theme. Finally had the time to scour the net for extra information on adding threaded comments and found what I was looking for. This feature is not even available yet for the real Thesis Theme, though it will be when version 1.5 of the Thesis Theme is launched and I believe the design will be better looking than what I have here.

I am the final process of testing this Theme live in my blog here. All the work was done off line in Xammps and even though it seems to be working fine offline, sometimes the codes gets screwed up when it becomes live. It will be available for download in a couple of days when I am sure everything is working fine for this Thesis-Like Theme.

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