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EASY STONE DESIGNS Natural stone décor fuses nature with modernity when used on floors and walls, and when it comes to styles and design, the options are seemingly endless. Designing walls or the floor of your home with natural stone will give it luminosity, depth of colour, and a lasting appeal that reconnects the space to the natural world. We provide the latest collection of the rarest, most unconventional and imaginative designer natural stone tiles. Advantages of using EasyStone’s natural stone décor and tiles include: There are many wonderful and unique possibilities when using natural stone for floor or wall décor. In addition, we use various innovative processes of transforming natural rocks into a fascinating wide selection of aged or antique stones for flooring and wall cladding in both interiors and exteriors. Our unique new line of natural stone selections offer modern and irresistible quality finishes to bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and living room; conforming to current trends. Natural stone flooring’s durability and smooth texture is likely to increase a home’s worth for many years. Newer quarrying and manufacturing techniques by EasyStone enable the use of natural stone on walls, where previously only artificial options were available. Natural stone décor are non-polluting and eco-friendly, a great option for a luxurious home.


While man-made materials would work just fine and in many cases are the optimal way to go, EasyStone’s natural stones have a glow and depth that cannot be trounced. EasyStone’s natural stone tiles bring the colours and texture of nature to your home and add to a room a quality and warmth that is not possible with any other material. Each natural stone’s uniqueness contributes to the appeal, which provides unique colours that at times may look illusionary. Our natural stones do not develop cracks like cement does, and unlike marble, natural tiles feel natural and warm under the feet. Due to the fact that we get natural stones straight from the earth, there are wide variations in its colour and quality. In addition, the veining and colour is unique for every piece while the visual appeal is unsurpassed. Modern artificial tiles, furniture, lighting and other artificial décor inputs would be great, but they make the living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallways, or bathroom look ordinary, plain and quite monotonous. Adding some natural elements is a great way to make such areas look visually stunning. EasyStone provides home-owners with the flexible option of using natural stones not only to tile their walls or floors, but also for their bath tubs and sinks.

Natural stone floors and walls absorb sound, are not slippery and work well in high traffic areas. Therefore, they can also be used in hotels, banking halls, and even in shopping malls. They naturally enhance and improve the appearance of your home in a beautiful and evocative way. Just like good wine, our natural stone décor improves with age.