The system uses a combination of fluidized and fixed bed reactor mechanisms. Immobilized Bed Reactor – immobilized bed reactor process has been used more successfully for the treatment of wastewater. Under many conditions, immobilized bed reactors have an advantage over either free cells or immobilized enzymes. By preventing washout, immobilization allows a high cell density to be maintained in a bio-reactor at any flow rate. Catalytic stability is greater for immobilized cells and some immobilized microorganisms tolerate higher concentration of toxic compounds than do their non-immobilized counterparts.


Advanced ‘Immobilized Bed Reactor’ technology for treatment of wastewater – the concepts deployed in this technology are: i)Immobilization of organisms in the carrier matrix will prevent the dissipation of oxygen. ii)Accessibility of enzymes to the substrate is increased by reducing the mean free path of the bio catalyst to the substrate. iii)Reduce the cellular synthesis by using the organisms with low-yield coefficient.

In the advanced ‘Immobilized Bed Reactor’ technology, the carrier matrix used is a designed medium of low surface area. The bacteria immobilized in the anoxic zone fragments the organics into simpler compounds. Advanced ‘Immobilized Cell Reactor’ technology applied to treatment of domestic wastewater – Domestic wastewater discharged from domestic sector is complex in nature due to the presence of organic, inorganic chemicals, wide spectrum of organisms that are pathogenic and non-pathogenic in nature. Conventional biological treatment systems fail to accomplish removal of dissolved organics and microorganisms to the satisfactory level. Moreover, the systems are not efficient enough to recover the water for reuse purpose. Domestic wastewater is screened and passed through filters to remove the suspended solids. The screened domestic wastewater is treated in anaerobic reactor. The anaerobic treated wastewater is applied over the surface of the Advanced ‘Immobilized Bed Reactor’ reactor. The Advanced ‘Immobilized Bed Reactor’ reactor has an integrated biological and chemical oxidation incorporated in a single reactor.